The concept of the active speaker has become extremely popular in a whole range of music applications. The ability to have the power amplifiers, crossovers and other associated electronics within the speaker cabinet itself can mean less complication, less setup time, more flexiblity and better system performance, if designed correctly. SR have specialised in active speaker systems since the founding of the company and as such have a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing high quality compact sound systems that meet the demands of discerning musicians, performers and listeners worldwide who require the very best audio performance. 

From the smallest Club 30A to the mighty Stage Line 1000A every SR active speaker produces a high definition audio quality, balance and sonic detail that sets SR apart from ordinary speaker systems. To fully appreciate just how much an SR system can improve your musical life you must hear it for yourself. Visit your nearest SR dealer and you'll be amazed at just how good your music can sound.  

Club Series: Superbly small with class leading high definition sound quality

Road Series: High power, low weight, active cabinets. The latest additions to the range

Stage Line: The ultimate SR cabinets featuring "Physicon 2" as standard

Mon Series: The best ultra-compact monitors for any application

Pocket Series: Class leading integrated PA systems with modular expansion capability or call Big Cat Audio on 01223 459719 for further information